[PAID] [ESX] Luxury car seller JOB

Luxury auto JOB



  • Dispinible en FRANCAIS

  • Ceci est un JOB pour racheter les véhicules des joueurs pour les revendre à d’autre joueurs

  • Vous avez aussi la possibilité de configurer des véhicules à revendre NEUF (tout est configurable)

  • Vous pouvez voir les caractéristiques de la voiture (Freins/Suspensions/Turbo/Niveau Moteur)

  • Vous pouvez configurer les coordonnées du positionnement des voitures dans le Showroom

  • Vous pouvez aussi Nettoyer votre véhicule et d’y remettre le plein d’essence (Peux fonctionner avec esx_legacyfuel OPTIONEL)


  • Avaible in ENGLISH

  • This is a JOB for buy vehicles players and resell it to a another player

  • You can also config for buy new car and sell it (All is configurable)

  • You can see all vehicle caracteristics (Brake level/Suspensions Level/Turbo ON/ Engine level)

  • You can change car coordonates placement in the showroom

  • You can clean / refuel your car (Refuel can work with esx_legacyfuel OPTIONEL)



Link: Tebex Link (Lower price)

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1200
Requirements ESX
Support Yes

your tag concerning jobs, can you have several jobs?

Example :
Job 1: Luxuary
Job 2: Harmony
Job 3: XXX

Otherwise, too bad

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It all depends if you have the double job

I may have misspoken, is it possible to create several garages with the same script?

Multy job no (You need to duplicate the script for modifiy the name of job)
But you can configure more spawn in showroom for a another garage

Alright, thank you so much.
Duplicate scripts to create other jobs I don’t find its terrible.

I would try to make my own system sometime :slight_smile:
thanks anyway

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Yes I had not foreseen this eventuality to open several garages xD

A new idea for a next update :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why not ahah

I lowered the price of the script

Check it

Salut peux tu m’aider j’ai des erreur ?