[PAID] [ESX] Log system

Are you tired of having to open the database every time you want to check how much money a player has, what they have in their inventory and so on?

Of course you are.

For this purpose, I have created a very useful script that allows you to check players very closely when they leave the server.

The script works in such a way that whenever a player leaves the server, a message appears in Discord the channel via DiscordWebHook.

You will see the following information in the message:
- Player Name
- Steam Name
- Steam ID
- Player Cash
- Player Bank
- Black money
- Items in inventory and
- Weapons.

Check the picture to see what the thing looks like.

You can buy the script in my TEBEX SHOP.

| Code is accessible    | No   |
| Subscription-based    | No   |
| Lines (approximately) | 160 |
| Requirements          | -|
| Support               | Yes   |

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Hi, good job for your release !
We can see through your screenshot, use this one instead :

27 euros for a script like this is ridiculous. Anyways, a lot of success, good job😂

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Mad money for a webhook :confused:

[FREE][ESX] Charinfo - Playerinformation Logs - FiveM Resource Development & Modding / Releases - Cfx.re Community

he is the reason why I made this lol

I did something similar last year although mine triggers when they join/leave, made it in an effort to help staff spot players who may be duping etc. Price tag is just so i could escrow it as i had plans for it at the time lol.

Unfortunately i can’t expand on it now as i’ve lost source code so i’m only able to get an escrowed version haha

I saw that bro, u made it for qb-core right? If you want, we can make mine into ESX and QB-compatible :wink:

Yeah it’s for QB, I was looking at yours and thinking of doing a push for it, but i’m at work at the moment haha

same here xD no worries fam, let me know when you find free time through my DM’s