[PAID][ESX] 💀 Kill Zone

  • Unique Bucket ID For Kill Zone Players
  • Entry Restrictions
  • ESX Rewards
  • Anti-Exploit To Prevent Cheaters Destroy The Game
  • Capture Live Percentage Counter
  • Notifications/Chat Messages
  • Blip Interactions on Capture
  • ESX Event Triggers
  • Area Bucket ID
  • Capture Time
  • Area Size
  • Toggle: Only Enter Holding A Gun Restriction
  • NPC (Model, Coords, Heading, 3D Texts)
  • Blip (Name, Sprite, Color, Scale)
  • All Notifications & Chat Messages Texts
  • Rewards (Cash, Account Money, Weapons, Items)
  • Last Updated: 22/6/2022
  • Built On: ESX 1.1 (All ESX Versions Supported)
  • Type: FiveM Asset

:shopping_cart: Purchase via Tebex
:movie_camera: Preview: [Preview] ESX Kill Zone - YouTube

Code is accessible No (FiveM Escrow Used)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 500+
Requirements ESX
Support Yes (PM & Discord)

one of the best script in fivem i have ever seen

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