[PAID] [ESX] Gungame with Lobbys


Create as many Lobbys as you like. Add Weapons and set the needed Kills to receive the next weapon until the last weapon is reached. See all Lobbys and the amount of players in each lobby in a clean and non complicated UI Design

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1200
Requirements es_extended
Support Yes




  • Edit Ped Model
  • Change Notification
  • Edit Position for the Menu/Ped
  • Edit Blip with Text, Sprite, etc.
  • Edit Marker Color and Opacity
  • Edit Quit Command
  • Add as many Lobbys as you like
  • Set minimum players needed to start round
  • Set maximum players for each lobby
  • Set weapons for each stage
  • Set kills needed for next weapon
  • Set Zone Radius
  • Player can not leave zone, will die after x secondes



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does it compatible with ox inventory?

At the moment not, sorry. We will look foward to add that in the future.

revive trigger changable? what happens with weapons ? get deleted when end or leave ? and different instance ?

Yes. Different Dimension. You only have the weapons in the zone, if you leave you get your old weapons back. You can add a export from the script to your esx_ambulancejob to block the deathscreen.

weißt du ob das mit visn_are und qs-inventory kompatibel ist?