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:pushpin: About this Script

This script is a simple interface where your players can both purchase and rent various storage units. Simple configs to add new locations and unit types, support for different languages is now also included

All source code is locked behind the Cfx Escrow except the configs. All HTML is accessible but I highly suggest against editing this if you do not know what you’re doing. For the people out there that want to know, the UI is built using Svelte and is also my first proper app built in Svelte.

Check it out on the Wiki

Showcase Video

:ledger: Requirements

  • ESX (version shouldn’t matter)
  • Do not change the name of the resource if you do not know how to edit the rest of the files

The resource is inventory standalone and should work with any inventory. However the resource has been built to work the best by using Chezza’s Inventory

If you cannot get it to work with your choice of inventory, let me know and we will figure it out!

Purchase Details

Store | £10 + VAT


Well done! :slightly_smiling_face:

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A video ??

I’ll upload one, but the images speak for themself mostly!

Add a video so we can see it better especially tthat it’s locked

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Heyho I bought the system give but you can’t change the language there does it come in as an update?

Yes, I didn’t think about this but its been requested so it will be out in a update


  • Various small code fixes
  • Added language support (shared/Config.Locales)
  • Added option to use player names in raid menu (shared/Config.UseIdentifiers)

File(s) should be available to re-download from cfx keymaster

Will that also come that you can set a limit?

Hey, limits in what way?

My man dough with another release! <3

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So that people who do not work with weight can also use it

its not limited by my storage at all in that way! Its really down to what inventory you use. This is only a “storage interface” that uses existing inventories. If you want to use limit instead of weight, go for it!

We can’t because we can’t edit the script

You can edit the inventory triggers (check the wiki for configs) hence the inventory standalone. If something more is needed to work with another inventory I will change / add it and work with you until we figure it out, I have no intention to make it locked into a single inventory… just I don’t have the possibility to test it and make it work with stuff I have no experience with

A possibility to adjust the blips, the Notify Text and the 3d text would be great. Otherwise I think the script is quite well done.

Yes! Soon :joy:

Best Storage Script I seen :slight_smile: Works perfect with Chezza Inventory.

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can i give my friends a key

Currently no, however this is a good idea! Potential future update