[PAID | ESX] doughJobmanager (3-in-1)

:pushpin: About this Script

3-in-1 Blipmanager, Jobcenter, Bossmenu

Easy to use script that has it all for your job-needs. Included settings to change some of the basics like the ESX notifications and languages.

All source code is locked behind the Cfx Escrow except the configs. All HTML is accessible but I highly suggest against editing this if you do not know what you’re doing, all UI is built using react so feel free to edit if you know what you’re doing.

  • Easily integrate the blipmanager with your existing blips by registering them directly in your old scripts. No need to copy all coords, just use the provided function and the script will handle the rest!
  • Jobcenter that requires little setup. Add the location(s), upload the sql (needed for the bossmenu as well) and add some nice images and descriptions to your jobs (if you want) and the script will pull all the non-whitelisted jobs + their information from your jobs table in your database.
  • Bossmenu that also should just work. You will however need to add a way to open it yourself, unless you just want to use the provided command for it (should be simple enough to add to existing scripts). bossmenu requires no additional setup except the upload of the included .sql file. It will check if you have a rank named boss and open the menu for you, giving you access to your bank management, and employee management. The transaction history is by default empty but will fill up as you start with the transaction (deposits, withdrawals) from the menu.
  • By default the blipmanager can be opened by using the provided command /blipmanager. There are examples on how you can trigger this yourself + how to trigger the bossmenu and the jobcenter.

Check it out on the Wiki

Showcase Video sorry for the somewhat laggy video

:ledger: Requirements

  • ESX (version shouldn’t matter)
  • Do not change the name of the resource
  • jobs table with a whitelisted column (1 / 0)

Purchase Details

Store | £30 + VAT


We use this over at Expand Network (Doughs home) and it’s INSANE, the blip manager is WAYYYY too easy to config, you legit just add a trigger…

Job menu and boss blip, dough’s designs are INSANE. If you don’t have this, you suck.