[PAID] [ESX] Burgershot Job!

He isn’t offering the map for sale tho I don’t think is a problem…

The map: the map was sent to me by a friend i didn’t know it was leaked
The eye: GitHub - brentN5/bt-target
The context menu are not included: GitHub - nerohiro/nh-context: Simple, minimalistic event firing context menu
- This depedencies don’t come in the files

Nice any other script using those menus you have? I really like those

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I’m currently working on a taco and a liquor shop:)

make a q bus version please

That “Eye thingy” is a free resource that any sever can use…


I can try and do that!, i’ve never worked with q-bus before!

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Could you include the bt-target etc, because Im having issues installing the bt-target

Yup, i forgot about it, add me on discord that’s on tebex so i can assist you more easily.
if you can’t add me just do this in every target on top of distance = 1.9

            job = {"burgershot"},
            distance = 1.9

And that should work

how do i get the targets (name, coords whatsoever)? Could you provide an example like how to add the Sodamachine (Bedidas) into bt-target to work with you scipts?

When you buy the script a readme is added where the targets are added
which they have to be added on the bt-target client.lua

xD well, i found it. thanks

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