[PAID][ESX] B - Dailyreward

A Dailyreward Script with an Insane UI and a lot of Features


  • Responsive UI
  • Low ms
  • U can set a Reste time for example u want to have a rest on 00:00 just set in the Config.Reste hour + min to 00
  • u can configuerate every Reward (Weapons, every money type, or items)
  • if someone claims it he will get a random reward!
  • Clean UI
  • Everything is Configuerable




  • es_extended 1.1 or 1.2

[FIVEM] Dailyreward - YouTube


if its for 5 meybe i buy but 10€ for this no but sorry

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To each his own, we personally invested our time in the script, especially the UI, which is why it has such a “high” price.

Really good script!

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I like the design from Mikhayloff my best friend and skurllex good job to

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10 euros is a decent price :+1:

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Could you make this for QBcore too? i’ll buy it

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Is it possible to open the menu from an other script like npc interact or a welcome screen?

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If u want we can make an Event for this, currently this Feature is not available.

I´ve buyed your script because of your reply. I opened a ticket in Support but nobody helped me. After around 2Weeks they just closed the Ticket. Thanks.