[PAID] [ESX] 1 Gun RedZone

A Red Zone script that gives every player in it a specific weapon chosen in the config and takes it when a player gets out the zone.

Script is highly configurable and will be even more soon!


Block Vehicles from getting in the zone/allow vehicles (deletes vehicle as soon as you touch the zone!) ----- this is in beta at the moment. and partly working.

Disable opening your inventory while in the zone. helps bring a fair play for the players in the zone!(no heals etc.)

Choose what weapon the zone will use!

Change the zone’s location!

Configure Blip details (name, sprite.)

Purchase: Ori2 Development | 1 Gun RedZone

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 57
Requirements ESX Framework
Support Yes
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Nice release will Use it for my 100k server

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The Same Free :

Can you add the press e to revive while inside the circle ?

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ye he copied him lel