[paid] east los angeles project

Previews : Youtube

Package : Tebex

Description :

  • 7 terrain rework
  • More than 200 houses and garages
  • 15 interiors included custom (including a custom liquor store)
  • Addition of a small park
  • Personalized minimaps
Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1500
Requirements FiveM
Support Yes

Wow, really smooth and amazing!
Also your other works looks really great!

Ever thought of making something similair in Sandy? There is enough free space out there
City is to crowded and we have the whole map


I agree with this. Someone who can create a new sandy shores would become a LEGEND!

Hi yes, that might be a good idea, I’ll think about it

lol you really had my comment removed? Nice ahaha because I was trying to help someone. You made a hood where everyone else did good for you my guy. lol wow

because it has nothing to do with the publication so the person had time to see it now it has nothing to do here but thank you all the same

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