[PAID] Dispatch / PDA / Radar Police System [ESX/QBCore]

Advanced Dispatch / PDA / Radar Police System

Dispatch system, PDA and radar that gives a console to the police, so that they can control from the calls that arrive at 911, to the radio chat between police, which is used to deliver information or clarify police situations. It also has a front radar that will keep an eye on vehicles that will exceed the speed limit. The script has sound effects, which can be intuitively changed or turned on/off.


The PDA is a live chat system for all connected police officers, it is a radio chat simulator. Delivering a fairly clean and tidy Ui to be able to stay connected to all the officials in your city.


The dispatch forwards the 911 calls and delivers the content of the calls to the connected officers, in the upper area there is a speed meter and a call counter. In this way you will be able to know how far you are from the calls and the number of calls that have been made.


At the bottom alert you will find the frontal radar of the police patrol, this will recognize the speed and license plate of the vehicles that are in front of you, when you exceed the established speed limit the information will appear in red to inform you.


Within the dispatch console, there are commands that send automated calls, such as vehicle theft calls, these will automatically send a call with the basic information of the vehicle (such as the license plate, color, and the location from where it is called). The text of the calls is fully configurable.


  • You can change the language (en/es) english and spanish.
  • You can change the text of automated calls and dispatch.
  • You can change the text of automated vehicle theft calls.
  • You can change the text of the colors in the vehicles, this when a call arrives with the automated command of theft of vehicles.
  • You can change the framework (esx/qbcore).
  • You can change the command to send messages in the office (Call 911).
  • You can change the command to send messages on the PDA CHAT (POLICE CHAT).
  • You can change the command to force a vehicle, automatic call to steal vehicles.
  • You can change the command to open the dispatch.
  • You can change the command to remove all calls from dispatch.
  • You can change the command to accept dispatch calls, this will make it mark the location on the GPS.
  • You can change the key to open dispatch.
  • You can change the key to accept dispatch calls.
  • You can toggle sound effects from the Dispatch and the PDA.
  • You can toggle the location at the end of the message sent to dispatch. This will automatically add the location in the text of the calls.
  • You can change the name of your city’s police department (LSPD/LAPD/NYPD/LSSD/LASD/etc…).
  • You can change the measurement of speed (km/mi) in miles and kilometers.
  • You can change the speed limit, when this limit is exceeded, the speed and license plate will be shown in red in the front radar sector.
  • Optimized for performance: 0.1ms.
  • Open HTML/CSS/JS to edit the UI.

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Preview: Dispatch / PDA / Radar Police System [QBCORE/ESX] v1.0.0 - YouTube

Tebex: https://waxitoo-store.tebex.io/package/5582037

Code accessible UI + Config
Subscription No
Lines 950+
Requirements ESX or QBCore
Support Yes :mending_heart:
Future Updates Free

nice work!


nice dispatch!

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so cool work bro goodjob!

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Need better Design for dispach, overall nice system.

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Thank you very much, I will keep it in mind for the next updates.

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Hi guys! On March 18 I made the first update of small fixes, I added a system of customizable and editable alerts of theft to your script with exports, all fully configurable in config.lua.

Anyway I leave here the log of changes. Greetings!

UPDATE MARCH 18 v1.0.1

  • Added automated call system for robberies. Fully configurable in config.lua. You can add as many robberies as you want.
  • A completely optional blip system has been adapted in the points of the stolen shops, you can configure their color, size, style, duration, or if you want them to exist or not.
  • Added exports[“wxt_dispatch”] system for the use of automated theft calls, this to be able to link our script to others.
  • Added a system to create calls with custom texts with ** exports[“wxt_dispatch”]**, simulating the use of /911 but with an export.
  • Added the ability to change the version of QBCore Framework to new or old version.
  • Added descriptions of configurable commands in config.lua. Now they will be able to change the descriptions of the chat in a simple and intuitive way.
  • Fixed some bugs around Onduty/OffDuty for QBCore.