[Paid] Custom Animations

Hello Guys
these are some of the animations i have made.


Q: Why not for Free?
A: I was considering to publish the animations for free, but I decided against it, for the reason that I want to finance future projects with the money earned by it, as well as better programs for the creation of MLOs and animations.

Q: Where i can Buy it?
A: You can buy it in my Tebex Store there each animation is offered separately. In the store there are always new animations, on request I also create special animations.

Q: How do I install the animations?
A: Each animation comes with a README.md file explaining the installation for DPEmotes and for people who program themselves.

Q: Future animations planned?
A: Yes, there are already new animations in the works and in the testing phase, but currently I am in the process of creating my own animation script that is similar to DPEmotes but has more features and more scope for server owners and RP players.

Code is accessible N/A
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements Optional DPEmotes
Support Yes via Discord

Looks amazing!
Keep up your work, will definitly buy the cop animations <3

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I have one wish for these animations, is it possible, that the player can move around / walk during these animations? Would be really nice!

I bought the 3 cop animations, but there is 1 mistake.
One download is just a png file:

If you do the whole thing with DPEmotes you can set the animation options “EmoteMoving = true,” then you can run with the animation.



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