[PAID] Codesign Spawn selector

Great script from what I tested. Does not currently support multiple spawn locations per job, which is unfortunately why I bought the resource. I missed the minor detail that said “job location”. Other than that, super solid resource with tools and comments to help you adjust it. Strong support team and Discord. Hopefully multiple job locations get added soon so I can use the resource! :sweat_smile:


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Finally a script done as it should. GG


Good Release man


We are very happy to let you know that all Codesign products have been switched to the new FiveM Asset Escrow system!

Changelog v4.0.1 with QBCore drag-and-drop compatibility!


  • Added locales for the UI.

  • Added drag-and-drop QBCore compatibility.

  • Added support for oxmysql.


  • Minor code clean up.

  • Updated the codesign error handlers.

  • Changed the default police job spawn to MRPD.

  • Moved the framework code and chat commands to the client customise me to allow for further customization.

  • Rewrote a large majority of the code for optimisation and overall cleaned up the code.

  • The script is now drag-and-drop with esx, qbcore, vrp and no framework without having to make changes to external scripts.


  • Reworked the camera animation after you have chosen your character. This should also resolve visual issues of clipping through landmarks when spawning in certain locations.


  • Fixed rare falling to death error.

  • Fixed the bug where you would be frozen and invisible after spawning.

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused players to be frozen in the sky.

  • Fixed an issue when using the “no framework” config option.

Very cool script. You can spawn at your last location, set up job spawns to spawn at your business when you come in or even set up personal spawns to spawn anywhere you want when flying in to the server. 10/10

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Awesome! Thank you for your review!

I give this script a 10/10. The UI is amazing! The config is so easy to setup! If you’re looking for a spawn select I would highly recommend codesign’s!

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Works great - customization may be an issue since it is under escrow but I have not gone too far with it yet. Will update if I run into problems.

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Really nice Spawn Selector. you can set Spawn points on your own and also Customize the existing ones to where you think they should be. Clean UI and the most favorite thing is the Map wehre you can see where you spawn. ive seen no other with Spawn Selcetion like this

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Very user Friendly My players thinks it’s great and i love it thanks Codesign

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This spawn selector is very user friendly, simple and clean and well optimized players in my city love it, and with been able to set more or less spawn locations is awesome, best spawn selector i have come across. Would highly recommend it.

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+1 v nice. The Codesign Spawn Selector is one of the sleekest looking, while offering multiple framework/standalone support. The dev team’s work has definitely paid off with this spawn selector. A must have if you are using other Codesign character resources (Multicharacter and Identity)

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amazing spawn selector the UI is amazing i hope my server likes it when i release

This is a great spawn selector, easy config to setup.
Have used it for quite some time, and still gets updates.
Great UI, plus this teamed up with their multi, and identity really makes it a nice experience for your players.

Changelog v4.0.2


  • Fixed an issue where the UI would open before the script has fully loaded.

Added the required template to the post

Code is accessible No (however majority is accessible)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 2000+ (not including locales & libraries)
Requirements Dependencies listed above
Support Yes