[PAID] [CLOTHING] MC Biker Vests and Jacket Texture Pack (MP_Mutiplayer_ M & MP_Mutiplayer_F )


Upgrade your Five M Server with this hand crafted clothing pack for the MC of your city. Looking top setup an MC and have designs straight out the box for your city. This pack has a leather variant and denim jacket (ripped sleeves) of vests for both MP_Multiplayer_M and MP_Multiplayer_F:

  • 14 Male and Female Leather MC Vests Textures
  • 14 Male and Female Denim Jackets (Sleeveless)Textures

This pack will be needed to be implemented into your chosen clothing generator but however it has been optimised for large population servers (1024px or less / DXT1 or DX5).


Close Up Examples

Leather Vest

Denim Sleeveless Jacket


Introducing the ultimate style upgrade for your virtual biker persona – the Casual Clothing Pack, a downloadable accompaniment to the iconic Motorcycle Club Vest Pack for Five M. Rev up your virtual wardrobe with this dynamic collection, carefully curated to complement your rugged biker aesthetic with a touch of laid-back flair.


| Code is accessible | n/a |
| Subscription-based | No |
| Lines (approximately) | n/a |
| Requirements | A clothing generator |
| Support | No |


I like your work.
Keep it up👍🏻


Is there any chance to use my own patches for my MC if i buy your clothing pack?

I paid for this but was wondering if you had it available in the imvu format.

I do not since this is a Five M specific product.

I’m probably going to say, no because nobody plays that anymore.