[PAID] [CLOTHING] Better Female Jeans - Low Rise Belted and Non Belted


Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these jeans offer a perfect blend of style and comfort for your in-game characters. Optimized using the correct modern compression method, our jeans guarantee a seamless and high-quality visual experience, free from any purple artefacts.

Our “Better Female Jeans” are designed to enhance the natural shape without overly accentuating body parts, ensuring a sophisticated and tasteful appearance. Whether you’re looking for a casual everyday look or a chic outfit for a night out, these jeans are the ideal choice.

This pack includes two distinct styles: belted and non-belted low-rise jeans, providing versatility to suit any fashion preference. With 18 stunning variants to choose from with different belt combinations, you can easily mix and match to create the perfect ensemble for any occasion. Elevate your character’s wardrobe with the “Better Female Jeans” pack and enjoy the perfect fit every time.

Skin tones have been matched with base character skin tones for seamless transition. Please ensure you have the skin flag tone unticked in your generator.


  • Plain Jeans Variants - Different Colours
  • Ripped Jeans Variants - Different Colours
  • Ripped Jean Fishnet Variants - Different Colours



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Subscription-based No
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Requirements Clothing Generator
Support Yes