[PAID] Chicago MAP v7 FIVEM

Seventh of a 10-map session of Chicago maps being built in the city of Los Santos - FiveM Map



  • 1 Basketball court

  • New buildings

  • Good location

  • NO BUGS buildings

  • Stairs to access other floors

  • Outdoor area with space for family living

  • No FPS drop

  • (ps. you need scripts to create interiors)

| Code is accessible | No |
| Subscription-based | No |
| Requirements | updated build |
| Support | Yes |
| File Size | 67 MB

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Nice work man! :heart:

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Load? Lag? Fps?

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All of us who have servers and who make maps or the like, know that maps 100% modeled have some kind of LAG, but nothing that can harm your RP <3

Thank You GUY
Iā€™m just a Brazilian who loves this place! and I try to pass all possible information to the game, as we are never perfect! <3