[PAID] CCTV Camera


Thank you for the feedback.

qb police camera seems to be a modified version of securitycams (or the other way around I don’t know).
securitycams uses an HTML UI and keyboard controls as well as no zoom. Whereas we offer intuitive mouse control, GTA native UI and the possibility to zoom in and out.

I personally used esx_securitycam you linked and it’s great as long as you don’t want to add other locations. The client code is copy pasted twice for the police and bank, meaning if you want to add another locations (all 7 elevens for example) you would have to spend a lot of time modifying the script. (That’s the reason I made this script).

We also include a tool to easily place cameras with the correct position and orientation.

We are also planning to add night vision and thermal vision in a future update.

You feel this is overpriced and I’m open to suggestions, what do you think the price of this script should be?

:white_check_mark: Script now comes with thermal and night vision ! (See updated topic for pictures)

So go use the free one. By your logic, nearly all paid scripts shouldn’t exist. Nearly all scripts, free or paid, are built on an idea that already exist. Some have small improvements, others have tons of improvements. Either way, nearly all scripts available today are also available in another form.

@Blaizz thank you for taking the time to improve upon an old resource and taking the time to explain why people should use yours over older CCTV scripts.

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It’s ridiculous that something so public is $18. Yes, it’s a beautifully edited script. But it is unnecessarily expensive. And many others are able to do this job. I already use the similar script and I can do it :slight_smile:

I think its price should be under $ 15. If people are struggling with something with such free resources, they can already do similar events. @Blaizz
If you go around the forum a little more. You can see similar resources. More cheep.

I certainly don’t want to sound rude. It’s just a suggestion.

Of course I’m not the only one capable of producing this kind of script, I never claimed I was. Any developer could do it, but it’s always a question of time and effort.

However, encrypted resources do not target developer, they target server owner with little, to no, knowledge in scripting and who want a good looking script, easy to manage and which works out of the box with good performance. Which, let’s be honest is mostly never the case of free scripts…

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:white_check_mark: Add version check

To celebrate Black Friday, the script will be at -20% until the 26/11 :partying_face: !


:white_check_mark: Add screenshot-basic support (configure URL per location, delete ScreenShot if you don’t want it)
:white_check_mark: Commands now use the RegisterKeyMapping native (still configurable, but can now be configured by each user individually)

Would really help to add some instructions, one of our members bought this and we cant even run the script due to some entitlement block

Hi, please read

The promotion will end in two days ! Get your script from our store !

:video_game: :arrow_right: You can now test our scripts for free on our FiveM server :arrow_left:

how can i test sir?

You can join the server linked above and go to the police station, there will be a marker to access the cameras

i need support and i can’t find an easy way to contact you. client side there is a BIG ISSUE, when you use the marker all is ok, but when you exit and leave from marker, you can press E everywhere and start whatching again. Impossible to fix it because of escrow system.

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Hi, they are are ways to contact us on our tebex

The team is currently on a trip outside of the country and will be back on the 5th. We will definitely look at the issue you are having.

We get this issue on the server I play on as well.


✅ Bugfix camera menu

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