[PAID] CarJack - Steal/Scrap player owned vehicles

Update 1.2 has been pushed out. You may restrict individual zones to a job, or that everyone can use it.
Few more features are planned for the weekend.

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nice release!

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where did you get the skyline from your video? link?

It was added for testing by someone else who takes care of vehicles. I have no idea, all I know is that they use vehs. from gta5 mods

is there a way to set the list of player owned vehicles that cannot be permanently destroyed or stolen for example a donor car someone purchases?

Thanks for bringing this one out. Its not yet implemented, but I will take a look at it later, once I get back to CJ to update it. Currently busy with AVF

Can you lock certain cars from being affected I.E keep a donor car from being scraped?