[PAID] Car Thief

Package Description

Compatible with OneSync, QBCore


  • Completely English menu.

  • Open source.

  • Fully editable via config

  • Its design was done with care from different servers.


  • First we learn the location

  • We search for the location he gave and find the vehicle

  • We steal the car

  • After stealing, the police get a notification for a while

-Then, when the device is deactive, the location where we need to take the vehicle comes.

  • We leave the car and get the reward


  • QBCore
  • qb-target


Can be edited via config file


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Tebex site says ‘After making the payment, you need to contact us via discord.’, why do I need to contact in discord?

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I corrected my mistake on the subject.
Can you turn on the visibility of the topic again?

A video showcase would 100% boost your sales.

^ Second on the video request

Can you make this work for esx legacy?? And a video would be great. This sounds like what im looking for.

today i will add video and esx support

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still waiting for a video.

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No video = No purchases

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