[PAID][CAR][Release] Heavy Duty Off-Road Nissan Titan 4x4 [8 Seater]

Heavy Duty Off-Road Nissan Titan 4x4 [8 Seater]

[Nissan Titan Off-Road Liveries]

  1. Titan Emboss Livery

  1. Monster Livery

  1. Camo Livery

  1. Camo Livery 2

Preview : Heavy Duty Off-Road Nissan Titan 4x4 [8 Seater] - YouTube


Off-Roading Capabilities

8 Seater [2 in front and 2 in rear and 4 hanging out]

Fully Optimized for your FiveM Server

No Glitches Fully Tested

Working Dials

Custom Handling

Template to make your own livery

Custom Livery [4 Pre-Made Liveries Available]

Extras - Rambar , Roof Lights , Extra tyres in trunk , Front Number Plate

High Quality Exterior

High Quality Interior

Primary Colour [Paint:1] - Full Body

Secondary Colour [Paint:2] - All Led Lights , Transmission

Wheel Colour [Paint:4] - Wheel colour non changeable on Stock Tyre

Breakable and Tintable Windows

For Custom Build Livery create a ticket

Additional (Add-ons)

Custom Engine Sound [Check Preview]

yft size 10.6 Mb
ytd size 3.5 Mb [With all Liveries]

Get it here : Tebex

[Maps and Mlo]

Custom Vinewood Sign Map by V&V

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Thanks you so much for the reply. Just to be clear this is not the copy of the car you are showing. I have used that car as a base model and added my modification to it. You can see lots of modification in my photos and preview which are not in that car. Let’s take an example of the bonnet. You wil see what I am talking about And thanks to people like you who are there to help others to see what’s fake and what’s not :heart:

sorry but maybe I misunderstood because I’m Italian and maybe I misread… are you saying that you used exactly that car? because it is locked and if so it means that you have downloaded that file, you have a non-original version of zmodeler, you have unlocked another person’s project and you have made some small changes besides the fact that you are selling a registered trademark … can you explain better please because I think I don’t understand :sweat_smile:

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Considering everything I read above…

  • Preview is basically only to show 8 seats working and that custom sound (which isn’t that awesome, vanilla sound would do much better) → Because of graphics mod, vehicle is black and all details blend in
  • Are you authorised to re-sell someones work? or even re-release it?

Do not want to hate on everything, so good job for spending your free time working on it, but next time personally I would reconsider posting/editing such thing

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