[PAID] British/UK EMS Ambulance pack - 4 Vehicles


This pack features an Ambulance Bike, and 3 Ambulance, all with a BRITISH/London Texture.

The bike, and 2 of the ambulances have handling files, so feel free to alter to however you like!

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These are all public.

show me ?

can you link me them? no one should have them

2020 Mercedes Sprinter - South East Coast Ambulance Service - Incident Support Unit [ELS] - GTA5-Mods.com - the exact you have is public just dont have time to search through 60 pages of things on gta 5 mod just went through 2 pages and grabbed ones nearly the same and the bike is pretty much the same

Yeah exactly, nearly the same as you said, so implies it is different

i am not going through the whole gta 5 mods website to find them but they are all public the exact same ones as i should have the files somewhere

KEK → I dunno chief I barely see a difference and with a £ 23.99 price tag - GTA5 Mods wins me over lmfao

true these are public

that exact ambulance is public… i got it on gta mods

If these are really yours, you should change up the extras to work with Candimods FiveEMS script (stretcher script). Not only will it prove they are actually made by you, but you can partner with her. Also, do them in non-ELS.

Yeah, also in terms of n-els we British people like to use ELS. God knows why but we have our own custom ELS scripts that are stable, work properly, and are British themed so having the honk when the siren is activated, correct patterns, etc. It’s also because British lighting is a pain to do with non-els as you have to fiddle with extras to have your rear reds, etc. Also, yeah pretty sure these are off GTA5Mods.com mate, if not you’ve probably nicked em off advanced leaks ya slimy fella.