[PAID] AV Remote Sniper

Preview: AV Remote Sniper - YouTube


  • Standalone, works with any Framework.

  • Highly customizable, you can install/use the sniper by using a command or triggering the events from other script (police job, mafia job, radialmenu, etc).

  • You can change the sniper damage.

  • Enable/Disable driving the van while using the sniper.

  • You can add more vans, includes a debug command for it.

  • Resmon 0.1 on idle | 0.20 while using the sniper.

  • Uses Fivem escrow system.



Very interesting script. Need to try

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it require an item?

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No, it doesn’t rely on a Framework but inside config.lua you have 2 commands:
1 for spaw/remove the sniper rifle and a second one to use the rifle.

You can remove the commands to prevent everyone from using it and use the triggers, there’s a trigger again 1 for spawn/remove and a second one to use the rifle. You can trigger the events from server side when the players uses the item

Purchased, wondering if I can put an required item, or item check to use this in the Registered net event, didnt think of it being encrypted server side

They said you can just trigger it server side on item use. You should be registering useable items in your inventory anyways and not other scripts imo. Easier to debug and track down what items are useable.

There is no shooting sound when using the sniper :confused: