[PAID] Anti-Aimbot

ANTI-AIMBOT/ANTI-ESP - only solution against hackers!


  • Disables aimlock/silentaim/aimbot functionality (completely)
  • Disables ESP (partially)
  • No false positives
  • Low resmon (0.00/0.02)
  • Configurable
  • Script support
  • Standalone


Showcase: click
SHOWCASE V2: click
Buy (20$): click

11.04.2024 Changelog (v2)

  • Improved performance
  • Now works with silent aimbot too
  • Fixed locking with aimlock
Code is accessible No
Subscription-based Yes
Lines (approximately) 100
Requirements No
Support Yes

Is it blocking the rpf file?
which stupid cheater uses hard aimbot :smiley:

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rpf mod is something different and there is already free script that blocks it.
Aimlock is most used by abusers, so most of them will get suprised.

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I’ve been using this script as an early tester on my large server and I can honestly say it works great.


“Disables ESP” Even multi-million companies can’t detect ESP, it’s really interesting that you can do it and sell it for 20$ Also are we sure your script can block “cheat aimlock”?

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Are you even using a cheat to test these things?
How can you detect ESP if it’s an overlay?

Aimlock blocking is in showcase video.
There is no detection for ESP, it disables functionality (where is a trick) of it so ESP will not present.

Tested with two most popular snacks atm.
As i mention in previous answer: There is no detection for ESP, it disables functionality (where is a trick) of it so ESP will not present.

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Interesting. If its working - good job!

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haha this is laughably misleading.

I had the opportunity to test it on my server - I recommend it as a successful purchase :cowboy_hat_face:

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Very curious about this one. Have you had this tested by cheaters?

Tested few weeks before post, on 3 servers (approximately 100/300 players). As private, we were using two most popular snacks atm

Can you post a video of the disable ESP?


Why pay for a anti aim bot script? Admins and players can easily tell if player is using a a aimbot and kick and ban them. So why waste time when a human can clearly make judgement that a player is cheating

Yes, i will drop it soon

Even if you record player pov, its hard to catch them all, imagine doing it by your hands (spoiler:
nearly impossible)

So how can you fully disables it? by setting the player health to 0 or dead every time the ped is armed? if that is a yes, that’s gonna have some issues.

based on what I comment here, the bypass is just really easy. they can just easily enable ‘target dead’ on their ch3ats or whatever menu is that.

I really dont know how u are able to detect esp as a script without any reverse engineering…