[PAID] Amkira Farming

Hello, here I present you my created farm/collecting script for sale.

What the script includes:
-Very clean code and well Optimized.
-Lots of adjustable Options.
-Easy config to create new Farm spots.
-Can be used for Legal and Ilegal farm spots.
-Abuse safe.
-Resmon while using 0.03ms to 0.04ms
-Resmon while idle 0.00ms.

Screenshot of the config file:


  • Showcase Video LINK
  • TEBEX Open Source version LINK
  • TEBEX Discount Code 30% for the first 10 purchase → FX9P-SMWB-46Y4

It’s my secound script that I’m making available for sale, so I’m all the more excited about constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement.

Update 23.09.2022 - V1.3.0
Changelog V1.3.0
  • ADD
    You can now active EnableFarmingZoneDraw in the config.lua
    Function: a border is drawn around the farm zone for better positioning of the farm zones

  • ADD
    You can now create more farming zones of the same farm item using the same file.

  • ADD
    You can now change the size of each farming zone.

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Requirements ox_lib, esx_notify
Support Yes
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  • Price adjustment


Due to the many requests for an open source version, I have now added it for sale in my Tebes shop.