[PAID] Advanced Winch

Perfect! thank you!

Will be buying here in a minute

Updated the script !

:white_check_mark: Commands now use the RegisterKeyMapping native (still configurable, but can now be configured by each user individually)
:white_check_mark: Add whitelist

hahahahahahahah whats that

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Updated the script :slight_smile:

:white_check_mark: Bugfix control when no rope is selected
:white_check_mark: Better length management (possibility to set a minimum length)
:white_check_mark: Menu strings are now dynamic according to the user control

great rp to come using this! :laughing:

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:white_check_mark: Blacklist some entity models
:white_check_mark: Blacklist some entity types (peds, other players, vehicles, objects)

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:white_check_mark: Add version check

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New !
:video_game: :arrow_right: You can now test all of our scripts for free on our FiveM server :arrow_left: