[Paid] Advanced Report System [VORP, RSG, REDEM, QBR, QR]

Introducing script that allows you to easily handle reports on your server!


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  • 3 types of reports
    • question
    • report player
    • bug
  • Get Player Info
    • name
    • job
    • bank
    • gold (VORP)
    • cash
    • blood money (QR)
    • group
    • gang (doesn’t apply for VORP)
  • Send Player Message
  • Give Item
  • Give Horse
  • Goto Player
  • Return Back (after using Goto)
  • Bring Player
  • Return Player (after using Bring)
  • Revive Player
  • Set Job
    • automatically picks all existing jobs and grades from your framework (doesn’t apply for VORP)
  • Set Gang
    • QR, QBR and RSG only
    • automatically picks all existing gangs and grades from your framework (doesn’t apply for VORP)
  • Give Gun
    • VORP only
  • Log System

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Code is accessible Partly
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1300
Requirements framework/ox_lib
Support Yes

n1 seems good

nice script

nice script