[PAID] Advanced Lockpicking script


LSRP Car Lockpicking

I share simple, yet cool script I made. Do you hate when people just steal cars without proper reason?
Then I believe you would like this script.

What does it do?
It is kinda heavily configurable but generally locks all cars (except player owned). You acn choose in CFG if you want to lock global spawned cars or only parked ones. When the player successfully lockpicks vehicle, it will start alarm sequence on the car and will trigger police notifications as well…

Why should you get it?
Because I believe it is not ideal when players just come to a car and steal it without proper reason

I bought it and don’t like it
I will support this script over time and will try to perfect it out, will try to make more innovative alarm system, will add more configurations and will also try to add features such as; police car sirens when they’re lockpicked or disable ability to lockpick emergency cars.

With this script, you will not need to worry about anything when it comes to locking cars.

Update 1.0.1

  • Fixed dist checking
  • Added support for multiple police recepients (cfg)

Update 1.0.2

  • Added configuration to disallow lockpicking owned vehicles
  • Added some more notification possibilities
  • Some misc fixes

Tips / bugs

  • I suggest to start the script AFTER your inventory script (if you restart it, you should restart inv too)
  • Lockpicking is only possible if you are not armed with weapon (will look into fix asap…)

Video Preview
Tebex Link 4.98€

Code is accessible Server side only
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 200
Requirements ESX, ox_lib
Support Yes

video ?

The title of the topic doesn’t really tell much. Would it be possible for you to edit it to something more describing?

Can you make a video that shows how the script works?

Update is out, I didn’t figure out how to use version checker, so please, if you bought the script, check every now and then for updates.

If you wanted me to edit something, feel free to reach out to me

Hi, just bought this. When it will be added to my purchased assets?

Thank you and I believe tebex can take up to 24 hours to add the package to downloadable assets. If it does not happen, reach out to me on discord or in PM :slight_smile:

update 2 pushed out, added possibility to disallow lockpicking owned vehicles (you can see it in server script which is not obfuscated). It will check server entity with player server id, this should work fine, but if there will be any bugs, I will look into it asap.

Now, I believe the script is near perfect, just need to play around with vehicle alarm system.

Thanks everyone for supporting by buying the script <3

DM you sir. Thank you

Update v3 out

  • Removed “oxlib” as it needed dependency on ox library, using radial prog bar instaed (rprogress)
  • Overall, removed any dependency, except ESX
  • Fixed animation
  • Fixed misc logic checks whether the car is owned or not

this fixed yet ?

Couldn’t find a solution for it yet.

Hi sir sorry to my behavior hindi ko po kc alam kung may mic ako o wala nag tanong ako ng maayos wala sumasagot first time ko lang po kasi mag laro nito hindi ko pa alam yung mga dapat gawin pasensya na