[PAID] [ADDON] MK47 Mutant by Divined

This is an add-on weapon you can purchase and use to have on-top of your regular guns, meaning it won’t replace any vanilla guns.


Q: Does it come with .meta files?
A: Yes.

Q: Does it come with correct animations/components/realistic damage/reload etc?
A: Yes.

Q: Has it been tested in live environments?
A: Yes and it is optimized, tested in servers with 500-600 player peak times.

Where can you buy this?

Visit this link to buy - https://tritons-store.tebex.io/package/4889734 - after purchase your gun will be tied to your CFX account and ready to use. Model is encrypted, textures are not so you can make your own reskins, everything on the gun is a separate texture for full ease of retexturing.

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nice weapon

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Where is the gasblock for the gun?

Right below the gap behind the rail :sweat_smile:.

What would be better is if people who released add-on weapons showed a video of the weapon. And exactly what adjustments were made that are different from a vanilla weapon? For all we know, you could’ve just slapped in META’s from a vanilla gun and only edited name values to make an add-on, it would be more helpful for the consumers if you listed more details on the functionality of the gun. I could look through the meta’s and know what you changed, but how would someone else know?

That’s kinda true but these files are definitely not the same as vanilla ones. Anyhow I’ll try and include this with my next version, it might get complex though to have to do a comparison with vanilla guns for every single weapon.

Don’t have to include a lot of details, just a simple comparision between the gun and what vanilla gun you used as a template to make the add-on gun. Maybe it doesn’t exactly matter, but I’d feel it would make a better selling point if people knew it functioned uniquely rather than being a re-skinned weapon.

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very nice you did :slight_smile:

yea, but you dont have the right gasblock for the handguard…