* Optimized ( File Size: 5.91 mb, no oversized warnings)
* High Quality Model & Textures
* Custom Components
* Custom Wheel Icon
* Animated
* Meta files to make it an add-on weapon

Buy it - Weapon + Tax = 22.54 $

EDIT: Updated Photos


“High Quality Model & Textures” for the price tag the textures are not the best especially that drum mag.

Sorry bro may it looks a little bad or weird, I have my game settings in low and a bad resolution because I use to play some RP servers, I am also updating the textures looking for the best version , this is the first version, also thanks for your observation.

If your trying to sell then it’s best you provide the upmost best to show off your work. Look forward to seeing the updated better quality images

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I’ll keep it in mind thanks, maybe do you know a good way to take photos of the game without losing resolution?. Have a Good day.

For me at least taking a normal screenshot does the job and i don’t lose any of the quality.
Also i do have to agree with warboyo for my personal opinion the showcase (the first picture) it’s like a “you have me, i scrolled to see in game and you lost me”

do components work like vanilla weapon components.
is the grip a part of gun or attachment? thanks

So sorry to hear that , hope you like my other guns. Have a good a day.

Yes all components works like vanilla components, the grip is a part of the gun. Currently I think that no one has been able to make the grip functional, I mean to change the position of the hands. I’m close to achieving it but right now it’s just cosmetic.

Is it addone components or addone weapon with another name ?