[PAID] [ADDON] 50 Custom Tattoos by Divined

This is a set of custom add-on tattoos. There’s a file included which has a script command /tattoo that shows how to add animations to your player. The script for the tattoos is xnTattoos, however I only include the AllTattoos.json file that helps you put the tattoos into that script. Here is a free script you can use: [Release] xnTattoos (ESX) - you can easily use my AllTattoos.json file to add them.


Q: Has it been tested in live environments?
A: Yes and it is optimized, tested in servers with 500-600 player peak times.

Q: How to apply them?
A: You can easily use xnTattoos above or apply them by using the AddPedDecorationFromHashes native, example is included in the files. Collection name is new_overlays and the namehash is the names of the files in the stream folder of the .ytd files.

Where can you buy this?

Visit this link to buy - https://tritons-store.tebex.io/package/4950776 - after purchase your animations will be tied to your CFX account and ready to use. Tattoos are encrypted, manifest and .meta/.xml files for sizing etc are not.


Updated to include an AllTattoos file for xnTattoos.