[PAID] [ADDON] 10 Drill / Female Tik-Tok Dance Animations by Divined (Sturdy, Toosie Slide, Twerking, Too Many Glockies etc))

This is a set of custom add-on animations. There’s a file included which adds these animations to DPEmotes (you copy and paste it into your DPEmotes AnimationList.lua).


Q: What animations are in the package?
● Twerk #1
● Twerk #2
● Twerk Splits
● Get Sturdy #1
● Get Sturdy #2
● Toosie Slide
● Too Many Glockies
● Hit Em With Dat
● Slut Me Out
● Walk N Step

Q: Has it been tested in live environments?
A: Yes and it is optimized, tested in servers with 500-600 player peak times.

Q: Smoothness of the animations?
A: I’ve tried various new techniques over the past couple of months and I think I’ve achieved the perfect export for said animations into GTA. There shouldn’t be any flickering or any issues with the animations, especially the longer ones that are up to 30-40 seconds.

Where can you buy this?


Visit this link to buy - https://tritons-store.tebex.io/package/5305730 - after purchase your animations will be tied to your CFX account and ready to use. Animations are encrypted, manifest and animationlist.lua is not.