[PAİD] 4u-vehicleshop | Purchaseable Advanced Vehicleshop | V1.0.0 [ESX/QBCore]

The vehicle gallery system in this game features a showroom section where players can purchase vehicles. If a player in the game wishes to purchase the vehicle gallery, they will pay a specified amount in the game and become the owner of the vehicle gallery. Other players in the game can apply for employment. The patron who purchases the vehicle gallery can approve employees through a menu where they manage the business, adjust vehicle prices, update vehicle stocks, and make other price and vehicle gallery adjustments. If there is an active employee in the game, normal player vehicle purchases will be halted at the vehicle gallery and vehicles will be sold by the gallery employees. The employees have a worker menu where they can see information about their job careers and communicate with other colleagues through a chat feature. 4u Advanced Vehicle Shop presents all of these features and many fine details to you. You can use the information below to purchase or you can watch the video introduction for more detailed information.

-The 4u Advanced Vehicle Shop system features a variety of features, including a purchasable gallery system, worker application and approval, a vehicle showroom, a boss menu for the employer, and a worker menu for employees.

-The Purchasable Gallery System allows players to purchase a showroom within the game, where they can buy vehicles. If a player wishes to purchase this vehicle gallery, they will have to pay a certain amount of in-game currency, and they will become the owner of the vehicle gallery.

-The Worker Application and Approval feature allows other players to apply for jobs. The employer, who owns the vehicle gallery, can approve workers through a menu where they manage their business.

-The Vehicle Showroom allows players to purchase vehicles in a dedicated showroom section.

-The Boss Menu for the Employer allows the employer to adjust vehicle prices, update vehicle stock, and make other adjustments to the vehicle gallery.

-The Worker Menu for Employees is only available if there is an active employee in the game. If there is an active employee, normal players will not be able to purchase vehicles, and vehicles will only be sold by employees. The worker menu has a chat feature where employees can get information about their job career and communicate with other colleagues.

4u Advanced Vehicle Shop offers all of these features and many more fine details for you to enjoy.


Stock values: Now, when you select your vehicle in the showroom, you will be able to see how much stock the vehicle has.
Test Drive: The test drive period has been removed, the person who entered the test drive can exit the drive by typing /showroom…
Employee Take Out: You can now fire workers from the boss menu.
Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 0.1Resmon
Requirements p-etkilesim, oxmysql ( supplied with content)
Support Yes

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nice script good job


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