[PAID - $20][VORP] Cobra Ped Menu

:snake::rocket: Introducing Cobra Peds Menu - Your VORP Server Ped Skin Selector! :rocket::snake:

Hey there, fellow VORP server owners and enthusiasts! We’re thrilled to share with you the Cobra Peds Menu, a sleek and user-friendly ped skin selector that’s going to take your server to a whole new level! Check out our cool demo video here to see it in action!


Here’s why you’re gonna love it:

  1. Total Customization: The Cobra Peds Menu comes with an extensive config file, allowing you to easily personalize your menu to match your server’s unique style. Make it truly yours!

  2. Limitless Skin Options: With our menu, you can set as many skins as you want or even switch out the default ones. Get ready to explore an endless array of possibilities!

  3. Seamless Integration: No need to worry about complex setups! Cobra Peds Menu is plug-and-play, and it already includes pre-defined categories and skins. Get it running in no time!

  4. Player-Friendly Whitelist: Keep things under control with our per-category tag-based whitelist feature. You decide which skins your players can access!

  5. Outfit Changer: Why stop at just skins? Our easy-to-use ped outfit changer lets your players switch up their entire look effortlessly.

  6. Experimental Ped Scale Changer (Client-Side): Pushing the boundaries, we’ve even included an experimental Ped Scale changer that can be conveniently accessed from the menu. Please note that this feature is currently available only on the client-side. Let your creativity shine as your players explore different scales and sizes!

  7. Weapon Reload Function: Reload your ped’s weapons with ease! Say goodbye to broken reloads and ensure your peds are always locked and loaded for action.

  8. Instant Menu Access: Forget typing commands! With Cobra Peds Menu, you can open the menu effortlessly by pressing the button defined in the config file. It’s quick, intuitive, and hassle-free!

  9. Language Support: We believe in inclusivity, so we’ve added a language file that allows you to translate every part of the menu. No one gets left out!

  10. Ped Code Button: For those who like to take shortcuts, our Ped code button lets you become any ped using a code, bypassing the menu if you prefer.

  11. Unleash the Animals: Ever wanted to be a functional animal? Now you can! Cobra Peds Menu lets you embody various animals for a truly immersive experience.

  12. Blacklist Control: Worried about certain skins disrupting your server’s vibe? Our blacklist feature lets you block specific skins from the Ped code button.

  13. NEW: Discord Webhook Support: Take control to the next level! With Cobra Peds Menu’s Discord webhook support, you can now log all player ped changes directly to your Discord server. Stay on top of things and have a clear overview of all the exciting transformations happening in your VORP world.

  14. Enhanced Death Logs: Want to know what’s happening when peds meet their fate? Our Discord webhook also logs peds that died and provides crucial information about whether it was due to PVP, PVE, or environmental factors. Keep tabs on the action and control your server events more effectively.

  15. Reinforced Sync (Optional): Allows for scaling to sync between players.

And the best part? You can now test the Cobra Peds Menu risk-free with our 3-day demo for just $1! Discover all the amazing features, including the improved weapon reload function and instant menu access, and see how it enhances your server.

If you love it as much as we think you will, you can get the full version for just $20 - a small price to pay for such a powerful and fun addition to your server!

So what are you waiting for?

BUY ON TEBEX (LIFETIME) for $20 : [Click Here]
SUB ON TEBEX (MONTHLY) for $5 : [Click Here]
Demo Version via tebex : Click Here

Config File Example :


Webhook logs Example :

Menu Example :

If enough people desire, a RedEM version can be created.


Special thanks to kibook on github for the animal attack fix.

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based Both sub and Lifetime Available
Lines (approximately) >1000
Requirements VORP_MENU & VORP_CORE
Support Basic Support Included
Demo Version 3 Day demo available

Greatly Recommend this script I absolutely love it , it has a lot of cool features and a ton of peds right from the start and you can use any ped you have the hash for!
Amazing Potential, and the Dev gives amazing support!

Edited post : new update, ive added discord logs to the plugin as per a buyers suggestion.

do u plan to put animations for the animals? and port it to others frameworks?

What types of animations ? and i plan to port to other frameworks when i get enought people interested in a version for that specific framework, since im kinda busy making more scripts.

like sit pee…

Currently no plans for extra animations, sorry :slight_smile:.

Nice Job! I recomeded