[PAID] 13 custom gang animations V4 pose pack

Hello, I hope you all are having a great day.

I present to you the animations I have made, we provide special and unique animations to make your role experience better and make it more realistic when playing gang roles.

In Future We Will Make More Perfect Animations.

Visit the Tebex link below to purchase:

Buy - Tebex - 15€ + Fee

1.After purchasing, you will receive the package directly, the installation instruction is on the purchase page, if you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact me.

Photo Preview Here

-Everything you are wondering about is below.

  • This animation package consists of 13 animations.
  • The animations in the pack are static.
  • Ycd files in the package.
  • Installation instruction is on the purchase page…
  • Tested on high roleplay servers, no issues detected.
  • No FPS Drop / Lag etc.

Have Good use, thanks for your purchase.

| Code is accessible | No |
| Subscription-based | No |
| Lines (approximately) | N/A |
| Requirements | N/A |
| Support | Yes |

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BUMPP :ok_hand:

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Awesome Pack Also

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