[PAID] 0R-Admin Menu - Ticket System


0R-Admin Menu Youtube Preview


  • Active or inactive accessible player interaction system. (online/offline access)
  • Accessible ban system for the in game.
  • Vehicle and object list that you can view and create for the game.
  • In-game Player Support(Ticket) system.
  • Player and admin can message and post pictures with each other.
  • Available extra settings and developer mode system.
  • With developer mode, you can watch players and open your object, vehicle and ped tracking system.
  • You can also give ped to the players with developer mode and activate the noclip mode.
  • With the log system for the game, you can see what the admins are using and not using…
  • Recon can be accessed by staying for the game and you can restart, start and stop scripts.




Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based :x:
Lines (approximately) ~3000
Requirements No Requirements
Support :white_check_mark:

Great Desing and The design and features in the admin menu are great!


Perfect admin menu! :cold_face:

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nice design and codes that are not in any admin menu…Very successful :cold_face: :hot_face:

Before you purchase, I would make sure that it works. This script company have the tendency to draw you in with “colorful and pretty” UI but barely any of their code works or the features.

To top it off, instead of fixing such issues that have been reported, they release a V2 of the same script and you’ll need to pay for it only to have more issues and bugs than previously.

Buyers beware.


If you have purchased a product from us, please send the payment code. Otherwise, what you’re doing is just trying to defame us. Please don’t do this because this is not correct behavior. The product you mentioned has been sold more than 300 times and most of our customers are satisfied with the script and us. We fixed the bugs in the first version of the product a long time ago and passed the announcement. We delivered to our customers. Now we continue to provide quality and trouble-free service

100% true. I have purchased 200$+ scripts from them and their housing script still has 100 issues with no response.

This is their response :


Thank you for validating what I said above. They are literary running that same loop over and over again.

Their store is also always on 40 % or 50% OFF scripts that are usually like $70+ plus taxes on Tebex, some script can go as high as $100. This wouldn’t be an issue if perhaps they actually function properly but as you can see, they do not.

Their store was reported to Tebex by 2 people but they do not care.

It has been 3 months since the message. It’s been a long time since the script has been updated. You can request it by creating a ticket. The discord you messaged is no longer used. My friend switched to the new discord a long time ago. Create a ticket if you’re really having a problem

We are free to sell the products we produce at the price we want. Cfx has not set a limit on this issue. I don’t see a problem with the discounts we make.

Hi, so thats a public channel about s4-house, they answer me in a ticket that channel isn’t used anymore. I got really good support and i doens’t have complain about that! They fixed all the problems with the housing system!