P/\ validation PLEASE HELP

I joind yesterday fivereborn to play on a server and i seed this message. I have entered my rockstar social club account and its is isnt working ! Please help me… ( My friend has buyed the game and he is playing on fivereborn he has the same message and he cant login to rockstar games on fivereborn [ MY PROBLEM ] ) PLEASE HELP

me to have the same problem!
please help

Well the creator of this did not mind that more than half of us use pirated GTA V…

If you have the buyed gta V you will play the real online ( Fivereborn is a mod for cracked gta V ) im right no ?

Ehh not even close. This is a better alternative to Online.

Since FiveReborn launched, it was made very clear that 5Reborn does not support pirated copys, plus GTA 5 goes for £20 which is nothing comparing to what you get. Please stop complaining that this was added because you use pirated copy of the game, you’re the only one to blame for it.

But… If i have gta 5 steam edition and i will put my rockstar social club account it will work ??

No, just open your Steam and then open FiveReborn, I believe FiveReborn will detect GTA 5 in Steam.

I have an idea If i will add a non steam game ( GTA 5 cracked ) in steam and then reopen fivereborn it will work ?

I don’t think that will work because I think the devs think thru this one and made it so GTA 5 added as non-steam game will not work. Because think about it, if you have GTA 5 on Social Club, why would you try to validate it with Steam as a non-steam game?

I don’t know anyone who tried it, and if someone did and it worked, Im sure they will keep quite, and if this does work, I’m sure the devs will fix it.

You are probably blind. Do you see all these Topics where players are confused cuz of this update?

Not confused, more like butthurt because they illegaly pirated a game which they can no longer use with this update including you.

Login to the Rockstar Social Club website and verify your account. Its not properly validated if it fails to load. Then again, if you are using cracked you should just buy the game you will no longer be able to play with a pirate copy.

I buyed the game on steam what i need to do ?

Run Steam in the background and open FiveReborn

@Costy25 if you have it through steam, launch it.

então para que jogar esta bosta de mod e melihor jogar o gta online original do que este mod cara eles tava bem ate updete agora ta uma bosta caras então vamos jogar gta online original sem este mod ai eles querem colocar este mod no original ai vc pode ser bannido ai vc toma no cu rsrsrsrsrs palihasada

O FiveReborn nunca baniu alguém, com a excessão dos criadores dele, e isso a Rockstar fez manualmente.

Ignore this.

Sound like a lot of ‘blup’.