Outdated Windows 10 (yet not)

I am getting error

You are currently using an outdated version of Windows. This may lead to issues using the FiveM client. Please update to Windows 10 version 1703 (“Creators Update”) or higher in case you are experiencing any issues. The game will continue to start now.

Yet it’s fully updated (checked double times in Update Manager) and has “Creators Update”.

It’s a warning, it’s not an error.

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True, but it’s just terminology, yet the problem stays.

What problem just press okay.


I have the same problem, but i press “Ok” and does not advance.


There are two versions of the Creators Update

15063 - a.k.a. ‘Creators Update’
16299 - a.k.a. ‘Fall Creators Update’
(both outdated)

Some people are on 15063 and their computer doesn’t show an update being needed…

Try going to the link below and downloading the updater


But if my Windows doesn’t alert me, why should I install this update?

You don’t have to… I’m just stating that there are two versions of the Creators Update and that could be why you’re getting the message about “Outdated Version”