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OutcastRP 2.0!

What is OutcastRP?

OutcastRP is a Server where everyone 17+ is welcome! Based out of the US, we pride ourselves on High Quality RP backed with peoples own storyline. It is a place to escape from and live the life you want to.

Why should you join?
Ran by professional Developers who take pride in their creation. It is a place where everyone is welcome. Ran by a small staff team that does not take advantage of their player base and is always open for suggestions on what can make the server better. Dont believe me? Join the discord and take a look for yourself.

We do offer a Tebex items(Coming Soon) if you wanted to have an edge on others, or if you prefer to grind and make a name for yourself that way. However, the Tebex is perfectly balanced where you do not get overly ahead which can make your gameplay boring.

*Law Enforcement
State Troopers are the cream of the Crop, if you think you have what it takes to be the best, show them what you got.

Los Santos PD are a set of professional individuals that not only get the job done, but also understand allowing scenarios to play out makes it more fun for everyone in the long run.

Fire Rescue
Fire Rescue is a combination of both EMS and Fire Dept. They are skilled individuals with knowledge needed to make sure Medical RP is both fun and rewarding.

Civilian/Criminal Features

  • Apartment System comparable to NoPixel
  • Public Jobs( Electrician, Garbage, Mail Man, Trucker)
  • Multiple Heist and Robbery missions
  • Gang System, Territories, Drug Sales
  • Custom Gang Chains
  • Racing Tablet, Boosting Cars Tablet
  • Custom Gang Chains
  • Ownable Shops and businesses
  • Towing Companies
  • Own your own Truck Driving Company
  • Many many More.

Requirements for Joining

  • Must be 17+.
  • In the Discord to get roles needed to join server.
  • Working Microphone.
  • No Racism, homophobia, or disability bullying.
  • Knowledge of RP is Recommended but not Required. We will teach you the ropes. Our Discord also has a new player friendly channel to help you out.

Come Join OutcastRP and be part of the best and fastest growing servers out. We need people like you.