Otaku Diving [ESX/ExM] - Treasure diving

Otaku Diving


Diving sites
Add as many diving sites around the oceans of San Andreas as you like

Treasure items
Add as many different kinds of treasure objects and give them all unique loot tables with customisable rarities too

Diving Gear
Customise which clothing items will allow players to spend prolonged amounts of time underwater or swim faster with flippers

To run otaku_diving you will need to be using the following resources;

Download & Installation

  • Add this to your server.cfg: “ensure otaku_diving”
  • Add the following to the bottom of your fxmanifest.lua in dpemotes:
    exports {“EmoteCommandStart”}
  • Adjust the included config files to make sure any reward items are items you have within your city (add/remove as many as you like)
  • You will need a “drill” item if you want people to be able to drill into the rare locked safes that spawn

Buy now: https://otaku.tebex.io/package/4820914


awesome :smiley:

Good release, something different from the usual on island activities.

Do not know how it should work…no job needed ?? How to start the job for the client ??