Oraillys Auto Parts TOS Auto Store

GFive maps brings you Oraillys Auto Part store. Great for Semi/Serious Rp Servers. No fame drops , no crashing . ( Recommend turning off traffic for better RP ) This asset is not open source CFX Keymaster. We offer 24/7 customer support through Discord . Part Store is Located across form Main Clothing on Strawberry St. Works great with Build 2699 ( Also mlo doesn’t work with pop eyes )
Buy = GFive Maps | Oraillys (tebex.io)


| Code is accessible No
| Subscription-based No
| Lines (approximately) N?A
| Requirements 2699+
| Support Yes

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https://gfive-maps.tebex.io/package/6038545 Oraillys Auto Parts Is Now Live on my Tebex #fivemrp (youtube.com)

Nice done, but I think you’re not allowed to use real brands in FiveM anymore.

used to be an autozone building once upon a time

pretty sure what he means is that the logo and the name are too identical to the real brand. Simply changing 1 letter doesn’t necessarily mean you are safe

its safe cfx and tebex verfied

map is great good work

Is there any way to have this in sandy