OpenDoor La Fuente Blanca

I began writing this as a way to open and close doors for madrazo’s houses… and it became this instead.
this is the model, edited clipping and basic door lock script to make the “la fuente blanca ranch” house open and useable.
this script was made for use in the mafia, but i left it as vanilla as possible to allow for editing.
you devs can likely just replace the steamid with your framework job roles as needed



Screen shots please?

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i can do that, una momento!

i have a fairly similar fix for the glass office doors for the conference room at life-invader too, if you guys want i’ll throw that up as well.


Yeah that would be sick, would appriciate that :stuck_out_tongue:

Door is open but there is an invisible wall and you can not go inside…

nice script

Great release! Thanks !

there is already streamed map files that solve that. clipping has been handled. restart your city ( server ) after having removed the cache, and that solves it.

any way to convert it to a cartel job?

Cool mod, you got here. I was actually has a shoot out yesterday over at the La Fuente Blanca, as an FBI agent. I also was using this mod while doing that RP there, it was really convenient, and more realistic. Nice to walk through the door instead of no clipping through or teleporting on the other side. Cool Mod, Nice Job!

this could easily be converted for esx job roles, however i havent dont that YET. i’ll let you know here if it happens. ( it likely will, it’s been asked for several times already )

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thats super cool it’s gonna get some actual usage. i made it on a whim and tbh, i’m not a professional modder, so i’m glad to hear you like :smiley:

Its great! :slight_smile:
I’m trying to get it into an ESX, but it’s my first “project”, I will let you know when i will finish :slight_smile:

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do you have more scripts like these for other houses? I installed this script to my server and it’s really nice looking. Good job man!

i have a version that removes the window wall from the frielander psychiatry location and makes the doors there work.
and one that does the life-invader glass conference room as well but both are nowhere near as clean in terms of code. once they’re a bit more polished i’ll add them to the same github as the madrazo script is on. glad you like!

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If anyone has a minute or two, could you look at this? I can’t figure out an error.

the error you are getting is because your script isnt setting playerdata, i assume you must be doing this somehwere in another file. i’ll convert the script to run with esx this weekend. so don’t worry, i’ll make it a thing

thank you friend :slight_smile: