[OneSync] Vehicle stuttering as passenger

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Using canary? no
Windows version: win10


Operating system: linux & windows
Artifact version: 2588
IP address: locally hosted and on dedicated linux server
spawnmanager (all spawns removed except 1 inside michaels singleplayer house)



Riding a vehicle as passenger with another player that is driving the vehicle, feels very laggy and stuttery. The rotation of the vehicle isn’t updated regularly enough, so every corner the driver takes the car movement stutters for the passenger.

Ping is not an issue since we all had a ping of 24ms. When disabling onesync on the same servers, the stuttering became WAY less.

Expected behavior:

Smooth movement of vehicle. (interpolation?)

Actual behavior:

Stuttery movement of vehicle.
Steps to reproduce:

Go into car of another player and let him drive left and right.




sounds like desync mate.

It’s not really desynced, feels more like the car entity heading is not smoothly moving between the different synced headings.
E.g. it changes directly from 203 to 205, but the game just changes the heading instead of smoothly transitioning between.

I can relate to this problem. Even happens on other severs than our own. Even newest and fresh (without any additional resources) servers show this behavior.

To track down the “stuttering” we even logged the position and heading of the car per tick. Data shows, that higher tick rate will be needed to solve this problem (for what I saw with a few first glances, haven’t investigated deeply - but would be willing to if the problem is going to be fixed).
The higher tick rate could map the movement better. This is supported by the observation, that the stuttering is more likely to be seen when when the car moves rapidly (like drifting from side to side and therefore simulating an oscillation in position and heading).

Update rate for entities is determined dynamically, maybe something regressed at some point that makes nearby entities get a lower rate by default.

Got a full set of repro steps by chance?

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We just entered a car as passenger on a server with the default scripts seen in my main post.
The sync works, but is a lot less smooth than with OneSync disabled. Mainly the quick rotation changes seem stuttery, which can be seen at the end of this video:

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OK, I can indeed confirm that on newer client/server versions this did indeed get egregiously bad.


… with a clearly unknown cause. Even completely removing the sync delays introduced to remove performance still leads to angular velocity not correctly applying in the net blender.

This was an issue back years ago and is the sole reason 1s took months to actually get released until it was fixed by sheer coincidence… and at some point the issue must’ve returned but nobody noticed/cared to report until now, and now I’ve no idea when it started except going back 6 months in client/server builds it still occurs…

… it’s not a lack of interpolation or too low an update rate, rather it seems to be some discrepancy in interpolation timestamps or something silly like that. :confused:


… and this even happens without OneSync to the same extent as it did with OneSync in local tests.

Thanks for the quick deep dive you have done to identify possible solutions or sources.
Are there any updates since then?
I hope you are able to catch the problem at its roots!

I have the same issue. Looks like a desync while in passenger seat. Any fix for this? I have a new ESX server. Should I install OneSync?

Soooo anyone got something so far?