OneSync Performance related questions


I recently attempted to start using mumbe-voip and the radio script that comes with it.
I’ve established that it requires the OneSynce to be set “on” in the server cfg.

Got that part done, mumble voip started working, everything was almost looking good until…
I started noticing i get A LOT of connection interruped errors and fps was spiky and lower than usually.
Now, sure enough my ping is VERY high on the server so it could explain it a little bit, however, as soon as i turn the onesync back off, i barely even have desync while hanging around with other players. Tried turning it on and off a few times, both with mumble-voip and without it.

It always gets terrible as soon as OneSync has been turned on. I get fps drops and the constant connection issues (used to be fully playable with my ping, now can’t even use the text chat for the most time). Other players with smaller pings don’t get the connection issue as much but fps drops are there (in some cases even 50% worse fps).

So my question is, is this normal? ALL i did was “set onesync_enabled 1” and that’s it. Is there any other scripts or things i need to get for it to maybe start working normally. I got 32 slots and i don’t want to go over this figure anyways. Only thing i need onesync for is the voice chat. Artifacts are most recent and updated.
Endpoints in the server.cfg are (someone thought it could make a difference).

Or is there a way i could disable all other onesync components except for the mumble? Im not entirely sure how onesync works anyways, so ignore this bit here if its absolutely stupid and impossible to achieve.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Even if you can just confirm that this is the reality of it and i have to start looking for other voice chat options.

Thank you!

no, not at all.

what server version are you using? also, try set onesync on instead of the old onesync_enabled flag.

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If by server version you refer to the artifacts, then that was the 13.11.2020 one. 3182 version.
I will try out your suggestion.

set onesync on doesn’t seem to make any difference. Tried it in the batch file, tried it in the server.cfg. Makes no difference. By that i mean it doesn’t seem to enable onesync at all (mumble does not work and it doesn’t state that its onesync enabled server in the server list)
neither does set onesync legacy .
Only thing that does change thins is the “set onesync_enabled 1” in the server.cfg. and i’ve already stated what kind of a difference it is.

Sure its JUST the +set onesync on in the batch file i need or should i add some more lines elsewhere?

Are you sure that’s not some really old version by accident, then?

I downloaded the most recent one from here :

I have no indication whatsoever that onesync is enabled to (except for in the server list). And mumble also never starts unless i put the onesync_enable in the server.cfg (as it says in the mumble-voip download page)

Another issue i got with onesync now is that i always get Connection Interruped (with my 400 ping).
But, once i get closer to another player, and survive yet another Connection Interrupted, i will lose all the npc’s (unless im close to another player) and the connection interrupted does not happen anymore.
How can i fix this? Im not interested in playing without npc’s, neither do i want to deal with the endless connection interrupteds.