[OneSync] GTA5.exe+AB6A08 a.k.a illinois-bacon-friend


Using canary? Yes
Windows version: Windows 10


Operating system: Windows Server 2019 Standard
Artifact version: v2784 - OneSync Infinity with 256 players
Resources: 75


Summary: This crash is randomly appearing.
Steps to reproduce: I really tried with my players to figure out, but we couldn’t find a way to reproduce it. Note that when a player crash, the other ones nearby also crash too.
Server/Client? Client
Error screenshot (if any):

.dmp files/report IDs: Google Drive Full dmp as requested.

Any additional info:
I also tried to analyze it with WinDbg, but the Symbols seems to be invalid.

I got it fixed by removing some of my Add-on YMAPs, Addon vehicles and some custom clothes.
I guess some of your stream files is broken.
I had this error very often for random players, but now it’s gone.
Also update your artifacts.

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The solution to this problem is that GTA V is not installed.
I didn’t have one, but rockstar games indicated it.
Then I deleted his folder and reinstalled it.
This should solve the problem as much as possible.