OneSync Enable & Patreon

Hello to everyone!!I have purchased the Patreon and it was working perfectly! But after 1 week , Patreon had stop working and I don’t know why! Anyway I checked my email and I received “Sorry! We had an issue trying to process your pledge on Patreon. No charges were processed on your account.” I opened Patreon and I saw a button Retry Payment so I clicked it. Anyway I paid extra for second Patreon for some reason and its not working! What I did to activate onesync?

I put this in server.cfg

`onesync_enabled true
sv_maxclients 64`

also i put this in runserver.bat

C:\ServerName\FXServer.exe +exec server.cfg +onesync_enable

and in txAdmin --> Settings --> FXServer --> OneSync --> On (with infinity)

Also I have the right sv_licenseKey and my emails are matching.

Anyone who know a solution pls help me!

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Screenshot_37 try this

its not wokring…

put true

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in my server work

that doesn’t not working either…

the problem i think its the badge! When I purchased Patreon I had the badge and after 1 week disappear and I don’t have it anymore!! I send email support in [email protected] and also here but I didn’t take one answer… and I don’t know what to do

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