Onelife RP Beta - New City Based in NSW Sydney

Onelife RP Beta:
Onelife RP Beta Discord: OneLife RP
Background information about our server?
Onelife RP is a new server based in NSW Sydney, we are a roleplay server with a positive and friendly community which doesn’t tolerate trolls. The server was launched March of 2022 and went through massive amount of development to make sure the server is perfect and enjoyable for everyone.

Information about our Whitelisted Jobs/Orgs?
Our NSW Police Force is very unique with top of the line equipment and roleplay scenarios. Our NSW police has all the essentials required including a custom MDT & Dispatch system, custom NSW vehicles, NSW Police uniforms and many more within our police force. We maintain our police force in a professional and enjoyable manner with all ranks available to everyone, we don’t judge on your experience or your confidence because our training courses help build those skills and also with the help of our fellow officers.

We respect and encourage gang RP within our server. We love to see close mates and friends start a organisation and grow while experiencing new things in our server. We offer many gang RP to all gangs and even some assistance. We do gang events to help all the new gangs within our community such as shipments loaded with guns and drugs, assassinations for a cash reward, and more fun events around the city.

What we offer to our civilians in our community?
We are gratefully for our civilians in our community and we make sure they have loads to do. We have a variety of 6+ legal jobs and more coming with a balanced economy giving civilians a chance to earn some money. Civilians love to start their dream businesses and in OneLife we support and help those civilians as government to make sure they have a successful and fun business that could create some amazing RP. With our unique leveling system which we are very known for, our server using leveling system which encourages players to work hard and see the high reward waiting for them. Some of our leveling systems include scraping at the scrapyard, searching bins, doing oxyruns, taxijob, trucker job, lumberjack and many more. We have spend over $300 dollars to make sure our community received high-end roleplay and top of the line scripts with the help of our patreon supporters.

How is the Server staff and protection?
We have a active 24/7 staff team in the server and on discord to help and support anyone in need. Our staff team is matured and rule abiding players which we here to make the server a better place with daily updates and improvements within their server. Our server has a high protection system to help keep the trolls and modders away to ensure they are not ruining anyone’s roleplay and fun.

Come and join our journey and see this server grow. We are looking for active players that will help us grow and rise to the top of the FiveM server listing. If your looking for a new RP server come check us out we offer multiple applications such as police, ambulance, gang, staff and business. We also do many events in the server to build the community closer and create enjoyment… We all love the laser tag.