One of the Best

So Ive been in this server for just over one year, the interactions between player to player are amazing here, each main departments have there own twist to how they rule over each other. Personally ive enjoyed my stay here with BCSO, it has been one of the best experiences of my life so far. The Sheriff team are amazing, id also like to give a shoutout to Major Winters, Cosmos, Sheriff Moniz, and so many more for making my stay here the best.
I officially retired from the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office on Decmeber 25th, 2021, it was a sad night to be held, thank you to Frizzi who was there during the event.
All in all, this is an amazing server, but there are some restrictions which i never enjoyed seeing during my stay. All to say, I will miss everyone in this community as i move on in life.
Thanks Winters, and Thank You Mia for a great stay here at FivePDRP!

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