On the future "Casino" DLC release

Another new game patch and update is coming to GTA V next week, and it’s time for a reminder of our policy regarding game updates with a quick FAQ:

Will I need to save my game files from the older release, or downgrade to play FiveM?

No, thanks to our unique ‘game cache’ technology, FiveM will remain working for both existing and new installs no matter which game version you’re running on your base GTA V installation.

When will the DLC content be supported?

Some content might work without EXE changes, you usually will see community resource releases containing this.

Other content will only work with the new game EXE, which will also be when we will ‘enable’ this content globally.

And when will you ‘enable this content globally’?

It’s around a 1-week process to port the mod to a new game release, including testing, final deployment, and a brief period where uncommonly used functionality regresses.

Before that, however, we need a reliable native mapping table. Since Rockstar keeps messing with this, we have long given up trying to generate these on our own, so an estimate is usually that work can start ‘whenever ScriptHookV updates’, since these mapping tables have historically shown to be most reliable (and least problematic).

Why not faster?

Well, do you want even commonly-used things to potentially be randomly broken due to updates? I guess you don’t.


Hope you get it working .

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Can’t wait for some high-stakes gambling! Keep snailing

Let’s play with our money :money_with_wings: :smiling_imp:
(Edit: cause of the casino :kissing_smiling_eyes:)

So what next if client will update his GTA to Casino DLC but others server’s players have a older version? That seems to be a colision? :snail:

No. All FiveM clients always run the same version.


Thanks for the information guys

Can’t wait!

thats a whole bet cant wait!

i hope one day we’ll be able to bet some $ in FiveM :money_mouth_face:


Can’t wait to enlarge my gambling addiction in-game!
(my roleplay characters all have a gambeling addiction.)

I’ve made a Casino scripts for ESX framework, ive edit one slot machine script and make own blackjack script for 2 players and croupier, casino job and other features, for casino interior witch i found on GTA-5 MODS, ill realese it if community want it, do u want?


Yeah sure!

Me 2!

Yea that would be amazing man! I’ve been trying to get that blackjack script to work but I’m not very keen on js. Would love to see how you did it

Please!! Yes!


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