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:mascot: We are currently looking for more talented C#/ Developers; Staff members to fill out our ranks. -> https://oldwesternrp.com/apply-staff

Howdy Partner!

If you’re interested in roleplaying in RedM (https://redm.gg/) then come and check us out at https://oldwesternrp.com/, we are looking for eager and experienced roleplayers.

Our server is focused on giving you the best possible opportunity for character development and in-depth story lines. The sky is truly the limit with role play on OWRP.

We are currently in development and will be looking to launch into a testing phase soon™

Below are some WIP screenshots from our servers.

A true cowboy knows love, pain and shame but never cares about fame.

WIP Preview: Character selection screen for OWRP!

Why don’t ya’ll greenhorns join us in the saloon & say howdy! DISCORD

Extra Links:
Our Rules: https://oldwesternrp.com/rules/
Whitelist Application: https://oldwesternrp.com/whitelist/
Law Application: https://oldwesternrp.com/LEO/

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