[OFFICIAL] California RolePlay | Staff and Department Heads | California Law Based, Now Opened

★ California RolePlay ★
✪ Server IP cfx.re/join/zab8py
✪ Website [Comming Soon]

↣ About Great California RolePlay

Welcome to California RolePlay official recruitment post for our community! California RolePlay is a group of friendly people, that strive for legit, and mature roleplay. Most people have come here because they could not fit “the right community.” Well, here we have all the great things a community can have, including Mature members, experienced and dedicated people, active patrols, EUP and more!

We offer many departments including Los Angeles Sheriffs Department, California Highway Patrol Los Angeles Fire Department, Civilian Operations (Public) and many more other things to be apart of, like subdivisions! We welcome you to come over and check us out on our discord below! We have a professional training process that every Peace Officer must go through before being able to patrol on our servers. If you have a ton of FiveM Roleplay experience or none at all we have many resources available to help you learn, or maybe just take a quick refresher. Whoever you are, we hope to see you in patrol soon! Join Today!

↣ What makes California RolePlay Unique

【 Whitelisted LEO/Fire & Rescue Departments 】

【 Custom Vehicles For Civilians And Departments 】

【 Experienced Directors 】

【 Mature Community 】

【 CAD/MDT System 】

【 Friendly Community 】

【 Serious RP For Experienced Players 】

【 Helpful Staff! 】

【 Caters For All Timezones 】

【 Custom Scripts 】

【 vMenu 】

【 Custom EUP Peds 】

↣ Our Departments

〈 Los Angeles Sheriffs Department 〉

〈 California Highway Patrol 〉

〈 Los Angeles Police Department 〉

〈 Los Angeles Fire Department 〉

〈 Los Angeles Communications Department 〉

So What Are You Waiting For? Join In On The Fun Today!

✪ Server IP cfx.re/join/zab8py
✪ Website [Comming Soon]


Discord Link Updated

Still looking for Staff and Department Heads

Release TODAY!!! Need Players, Staff and Department Heads/Members

Add me Kizzy#0877 on discord. Im looking into being a dept. head but discord link is invalid

Added. :slight_smile:

Add me on discord


discord link is invaild

Didn’t work Trying adding me Dark Hero#7641

Discord link should be fixed now

Is this server still around? If so can I have the discord invite link 𝙅. 𝙂𝙧𝙚𝙮#0166

No sorry the server closed a while ago.

You can join mine. Elite Gen RolePlay | FiveM

nope i’m good